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Volume reduction from Aluminium

Shredding of aluminium | Briquetting of aluminium | Recovery from emulsion

mütek Systemtechnik is the specialist for individual machines and complete solutions for volume reduction of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. For many years, mütek Systemtechnik has been working on the shredding and briquetting of aluminum and the recovery of coolants and lubricants. mütek provides valuable information and experience on compaction and emulsion recovery, plans machine engineering, supplies and assembles the entire plant.


Shredding machines for aluminum series MRZ 

The shredding machine type MRZ is the optimal shredder for your aluminum residues. MRZ shredders are equipped with a slow-running profile full-steel rotor (Ø 260 or 360 mm). The raw material is pressed against the shredding rotor by means of a hydraulically operated moving floor. Depending on the desired granule size, sieves with hole sizes of 10 to 50 mm can be installed. The generated chips are conveyed via conveyor belts for further processing.

Shredder MRZ Series

Single-Shaft-Shredder with hydraulic slider which presses the material against the slowly turning rotor.

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Briquette Presses for aluminium

The high-quality mütek briquetting presses process aluminum and other non-ferrous metals into stable briquettes. Compared to loose material, the initial volume is reduced by up to 90%. The briquetting of their production residues helped mütek's customers in two ways: on the one hand, the return price for briquettes increased by about 100% compared to chips. On the other hand, valuable cooling and lubricants can be recovered and returned to the cooling process via a cleaning plant.
Depending on the desired throughput capacity and briquette form mütek offers different briquetting presses:

Briquetter MPP NEM Series

Sturdy briquetting press for non-ferrous metals with very good price-performance-ratio. Performance: from appr. 50 kg/h. Briquette shape: cylindrical.

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