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Shredders for wood, plastics, straw, textiles, carpet and other materials


The core competence of mütek is the shredding of a wide range of materials into homogeneous granules. mütek offers the entire range of services from the shredding machine for small-scale operations with a working width of 53 cm up to industrial shredders with a working width of 153 cm. For customers who want to crush straw, mütek offers a special machine technology for straw-based biomass. The machine technology is custom-made designed for the respective starting raw material.
The crushed material (must be smaller than 2cm) is suitable e.g. for further briquetting with our muetek briquetting presses.
Various shredding machines are available in our large test and demonstration showroom for trial and error testing of the customer's material. After comprehensive shredding of the sample material, statements can be made about the quality of the granules as well as the achieved throughput.

Our range of  shredding machines:

Shredder MRZ Series

for shredding wood, plastics, textiles, cable, paper, cardboard, aluminium and other material.

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Baleopener MHB Series

for shredding round- and square bales from straw, miscanthus, reed, hay and other biomass.

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Baleopener MUZ Series

for shredding round bales from straw and other biomass in industrial design with optional stone separator.

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Range of shredding materials:






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