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Energy from grass and wood chips

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The company 'Eigenbetrieb Umwelttechnik' was founded in 2009 by the city of Baden-Baden and has the following regional responsibilities:
waste management, wastewater treatment (municipal wastewater treatment plant)
Construction and maintenance of the sewer network
Biowaste, landfills, municipal contaminated sites
Community sewage treatment plant Baden-Baden - Sinzheim
Greenfield plant
Production of biogenic fuel

Especially in the field of the treatment of biogenic residues, the company 'Eigenbetrieb Umwelttechnik' has been heavily involved in recent years. It is a member and driving force of the Europe-wide project "PROGRASS" for the processing of biogenic residues, which is scientifically led by the University of Kassel. As part of this activity, the company 'Eigenbetrieb Umwelttechnik' has been equipped with mütek technology. With a mechanical briquetting press type MAP 750 and a hydraulic briquetting press type MPP 280, the biogenic recycling material is used to produce valuable briquettes, which are burned in the city's own automatic heating systems or sold to district heating systems in neighboring communities.

The company 'Eigenbetrieb Umwelttechnik' uses the following mütek technology:
Mechanical Briquetting Press MAP 750.
Hydraulic Briquetting Press MPP 280.
Briquette packaging plant MVF



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26.05. - 30.05.2025 LIGNA Hannover

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