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Stationary suction and filter unit MS-Jet

  • Silo filter
  • Silo header filter
  • Intermediate filter with rotary valves
  • Briquetting press filter
  • Bag filters
mütek Systemtechnik offers filter systems for outdoor and indoor installation as well as for clean air and raw air operation. The filter systems are designed according to BGI 739-2. The filter area is freely selectable from 20 to 1,000m². We build the filter system according to your needs: silo installation or silo top-up filter, as a free-standing unit for intermediate or final separation; optionally with mobile containers, with rotary valve, stirrer or briquetting press for overpressure or underpressure operation.

Filter systems are available on a steel frame for loading containers, the discharge is carried out without pressure via a rotary valve gate. The mütek filter systems are supplied with all necessary safety devices. The jet cleaning ensures trouble-free continuous operation. For energy saving, the systems can be operated with 100% air return. mütek Systemtechnik also offers frequency-controlled fans.




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26.09. - 29.09.2021 W21 Exhibition Birmingham

29.03. - 01.04.2022 Holz-Handwerk Nürnberg

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