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Energy from Miscanthus

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Miscanthus EN

mütek Systemtechnik is the specialist for the supply of individual machines and complete solutions for the energetic use of miscanthus (elephant grass, china grass) and other biomass. mütek provides valuable information and experience about the energetic use of miscanthus, plans and designs the machine technology, supplies and assembles the entire plant. Through the use of rapidly growing grass, mütek Systemtechnik's customers have a high level of supply security and price stability for your fuel from biomass. Mütek customers, by using their own energy, are independent of the large energy suppliers and produce sustainable heat energy with a clear conscience.


Shredding machine for Miscanthus type MHB and MUZ 

In an normal case miscanthus is chopped and shredded in the spring with a maize chopper directly on the field. If, however, miscanthus has to be shredded e.g. into small balls, our 'Strohmühle MHZ' is the right machine. Depending on the desired granule size, sieves with hole sizes of 8 to 50 mm can be installed. If you want to shred the granules even more finely, mütek also has post-shredding machines with throughputs of up to approx. 2 tons per hour.

Baleopener MHB Series

for shredding round- and square bales from straw, miscanthus, reed, hay and other biomass with a performace of 250 - 900 kg/h.

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Baleopener MUZ Series

high performance shredder for round bales from straw and other biomass in industrial design with optional stone separator and storage belt for 3 bales.

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Briquetting presses for Miscanthus

The high-quality mütek briquetting presses process miscanthus without the addition of binders to form stable briquettes. Compared to bulk materials, the initial volume is reduced by up to 75%. Depending on the desired throughput capacity and briquette form mütek offers different briquetting presses:

Briquetter MFP Series

The smallest and most affordable muetek briquette press is extremely compact and impresses with its technology. Capacity: approx. 5 - 30 kg / h. Briquette shape: square. Materials: wood, miscanthus, peat, leather dust, paper, etc.

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Briquetter MPP Series

Sturdy briquetting press with very good price-performance-ratio. Performance: from appr. 30 kg/h up to 550 kg/h. Briquette: cylindrical.

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Briquetter RUF Series

wear reduced matrix briquetting press with a performance of appr. 100-1000 kg/h for continouus operation to produce square briquettes. Materials: wood, bark, silage, miscanthus, peat, plastics, straw, etc.

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Briquetter MAP Series

Eccentric Briquetting press in industrial model. Performance: up to 1.200 kg/h. Briquette: cylindrical as endless briquette line or as biscuits.

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Suction, extraction and dedusting systems for miscanthus

In addition to mobile extraction systems, mütek also offers dedusting solutions for dust extraction. The dust is collected in a dust collector, which can also be equipped with a plastic bag. In addition to the standard dust collector, a rotary valve or a combination with a briquetting press can also be offered as an option.

Dust Extractor MM-Jet

with a maximum volume flow of appr. 1,850 - 10,000 qbm/h, for indoor installation approved, with automatic compressed air filter dedusting.

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Stationary Filter Unit MS-Jet

with a maximum volume flow of appr. 10,000 - 60,000 qbm/h, for outdoor Installation. The filter systems are designed according to BGI 739-2.

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