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Briquetting Presses MPP Series

Performance: 30 - 550 kg/h

Waste with a maximum moisture content of 18 % from wood, straw, miscanthus (elephant grass), paper, cardboard, containers, plastics and textile fibres can be converted into briquettes with the mütek MPP briquetting presses. The pressing works by means of hydraulic pressure without adding any additives or glue.

Depending on the size and type of material, briquetting can reduce the volume of the basic raw material by up to 90 %. The volume of a standard hopper is about 1.0 m³. mütek also offers large volume hoppers, as well as special tanks combinable with a dust extraction system and filter plant. The MPP series is specified for the production of briquettes from homogenous material. Depending on the type of machine, the briquette length is 40 to 100 mm. Using a convenient material, it is also possible to produce 200-300mm long briquettes. Shavings are fed in the hopper, where it is dosed and supplied by an integrated agitator into the pre-compression cavity. In this cavity runs a hydraulic piston, which pre-compresses the material and feeds the main cylinder. The hydraulic piston presses the material into the closed sleeve until the adjusted pressure is reached (which is usually set up to 80 bars). Then the sleeve opens and finally a stabile briquette is produced. The more homogeneous the material, the more uniform are the results of the produced briquettes.

Benefits of Briquetting:

  • Generating resource from waste
  • Briquetting reduces waste volumes by up to 90 %
  • Savings on storage and transport costs
  • Reduction of waste disposal costs
  • Profitable selling
  • Reduction in the danger of fires and explosion by means of reducing dust emissions
  • 2,1 kg briquettes correspond the heating value of 1 liter oil


Technical Data:

Technical Data

 (The kg/h throughput capacities stated in the table above refer to a bulk density of 200kg per cubic meter)



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