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Energy efficient carpenter heats with production residues

Briquettes as a pioneering energy source for the new buildings of Holz Waidelich GmbH & Co. KG

'Pioneering technology innovatively packaged!': in matters of innovative architecture, Eugen and Heiko Waidelich relied on architect Marco Hippmann from Stuttgart, in matters of pioneering technology the company Waidelich relied on mütek Systemtechnik from Filderstadt.

After a major fire in 2007, the sawmill Waidelich, a traditional company from Waldenbuch near Stuttgart, had to be built from scratch. As part of the planning of the rebuilding, Eugen and Heiko Waidelich worked together with the architectural community Köhler and Marco Hippmann architecture Stuttgart,  on a consistent, energy-efficient concept. Great emphasis was placed on innovative architecture, equipped with forward-looking technology. Due to the ever faster rising prices for fossil fuels, it quickly became clear that in the future the large amount of waste wood, the waste product from the sawmill production process, should be used for the production of heat energy. A strong partner was needed who was able to help to efficiently use the valuable wood residues and convert them into energy.

'From residual to recoverable': The sawmill company Holz Waidelich GmbH & Co. KG heats with its own energy and makes itself independent of large energy suppliers!

Waidelich Unterteilung

The decision ultimately fell on the plant concept of the company mütek system technology. mütek specializes in the recovery of wood residues. Whether sawdust, shavings or wood chips: all of these residues can be converted and processed to produce valuable "heating briquettes". The complete system consists of a chip extraction system, a briquette press and a wood chip and briquette heating system.

Directly from the sawmill production machines the wood chips are sucked into the container of the briquetting press. This ensures a clean workspace and prevents dusty air. mütek delivers the plans and economic calculations.

The entire plant consist of:
- Extraction and filtration system
- muetek briquette machine MMP
- Briquette storage room with briquette discharge
- Option to store briquettes in a separate storage when main briquette storage is full
- Briquette and wood chip heating with buffer storage




19.03. - 22.03.2024 Holz-Handwerk Nürnberg

26.05. - 30.05.2025 LIGNA Hannover

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