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Straw shredding and straw heating plant

Strohheizung Zeeb

For 35 years the Zeeb family in Reutlingen-Sickenhausen has been producing high-quality eggs. At present, more than 15,000 chickens are kept in barns and free range. The aim is to produce and sell eggs of the highest quality. The straw, which is produced as a waste product during the production of the chicken feed, has, in earlier years, usually rotted in the yard. Since 2012, the Zeeb family has been operating a 100 kW straw heating plant to heat the chicken house, the shop, the office and the home.

With a mütek bale opener type MUZ, the bales of straw are crushed into fine granules, which are then transported with the built-in fan into a storage room. From there, the granules are transported via a bunker discharge and conveyor screw into the special heating boiler specially designed for straw combustion. The design of the boiler allows the ash melting point of the straw not to be exceeded, thus preventing the ash from slagging. Likewise, with sophisticated design and intelligent control it is achieved that during combustion no hydrochloric and sulfuric acids are released. A downstream cyclone separator and a fabric filter ensure extremely low dust emissions.

With the mütek straw shredding machine type MUZ, Zeeb also produces animal litter and fine hay as an additive to animal feed.

Poultry farm Zeeb uses the folowing mütek machines and plants:
• mütek bale opener type MUZ.
• mütek conveyor technology
• special straw boiler



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