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Mobile Suction Unit MMJet

Maximum flow: 1,850 - 10,000 m³ / h

mütek industrial dust extractors with a maximum volume flow of 1,850 to 10,000 m³ / h are approved for indoor installation and are BG-tested (GS-HO-07/14). They are suitable for sucking dust, small chips or chips from wood, paper, plastic and similar materials.
The dust extractors are designed for the extraction of individual machines with suction hose or for the extraction of several machines with a pipeline system. The extractors impress with their compact design. The residual dust content in the return air is below 0.1 mg / m³ for the MMJet dedusting devices. The patented, automatic, differential pressure-controlled cleaning of the filter hoses ensures continuous operation. Each individual filter hose is cleaned intensively from the inside to the outside with the help of a compressed air impulse. The particles are repelled from the filter surface and fall freely into the disposal station.
Optionally an automatic fan start and outlet for one or more processing machines as well as an automatic slide control can be provided. The MM-Jet 300 is additionally built with a standard, automatic eraser device. Larger stationary suction units for outdoor installation are available of up to an air output of 50,000 m³ / h.


The mütek MM-Jet offers versatile disposal opportunities:

  • MM-Jet with wheeled container: cost-effective, manual disposal of the chips via a tensioning cable
  • MM-Jet with rotary valve: pressureless filling of silo, conveyor or container
  • MM-Jet with briquetting press: automatic disposal of chips which are compacted to form stable briquettes

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