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Shredding Machines

for wood, plastics, cardboard, paper, cardbord, etc.

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Briquetting Presses

for wood, plastics, cardboard, peat, etc.

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Plant Construction

shredding and briquetting solutions from one hand

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Maintenance and Service

for shredding machine, briquetting presses and suction systems

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from waste to resource

energy generation and volume reduction

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Second hand maschines

Our second hand maschines we have divided in three categories:

"as received":
Sale from stock without functional test and repair. This means: the machine is now available. Just as we have received the machine the machine will go out to you. 

"functionally tested":
The machine has been checked for functionality (trial runs). Defective parts that are necessary for functionality of the machine will be repaired or replaced. Tools are not sharpened and not renewed.

"workshop reconditioned":
Complete inspection of the machine. Replacement of the main wear parts. Defect parts will be repaired or replaced. Checking of pneumatic and electrical devices and where necessary renewal. Colour repairs or where necessary painting. Tools sharpened or replaced. Basic setting of the machine and test run.


Here you can find a list of our at the moment avaiable second hand machines (opens in a new window). But please call us and check, if the machine you're interested in is indeed still available. Subject to prior sale.



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