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Horse bedding and briquettes from miscanthus

Uebersicht Miscanthus

Horse bedding and briquettes from Miscanthus:

In the northern Odenwald, seven farmers and one heating engineer joined forces in 2007. The goal was to establish a self-sufficient, regional energy supply based on renewable raw materials. The entire range from the production of biomass, inclusive of the marketing to the final use of the products by the customer is covered within this process.

Hereby produced products:
• Miscanthus horse bedding. Compacted and dedusted in foil 80 x 40 x 40 cm, approx. 250 liters of dedusted natural product, no fungal infestations, odorless, biodegradable and free from binding and preservatives
• Miscanthus briquettes. Diameter = 50 mm und length = approx. 40 mm, for briquette, pellet or wood chip heating systems, packed in 10 or 300 kg units.

The following muetek technology is used:
• muetek bale opener MPP 400
• muetek briquetting machine MPP 60
• muetek dedusting system
• Suction and filter unit MM-Jet 160