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Miscanthus briquettes for a heating system and for sale

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In 1998 the farmer 'Poppe' turned his farm over to organic farming. He operates his business according to the guidelines of the Bioland Association. Back in 2008, he had his old heating system converted to a modern woodchip heating system. In order to be able to supply the new heating system with his own fuel, completely independent of oil and gas, he started growing 16 ha of Miscanthus in the same year. The path to energetic independence had begun.

Miscanthus today is of great importance on 'Poppe's' farmland. With a corn chopper, the miscanthus is chopped directly on the field and brought in with a harvesting truck. For the further production of his Miscanthus briquettes Mr. Poppe uses a muetek briquetting press MPP 180 S. A positive side effect is that the initial volume is reduced fourfold and the dust is bound in the briquette.

The following muetek technology is used:
• Hydraulic briquetting machine muetek MPP 180 S.
• Baggage carousel for briquettes