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Shredding Machines

for wood, plastics, cardboard, paper, cardbord, etc.

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Briquetting Presses

for wood, plastics, cardboard, peat, etc.

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Plant Construction

shredding and briquetting solutions from one hand

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Maintenance and Service

for shredding machine, briquetting presses and suction systems

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from waste to resource

energy generation and volume reduction

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Shredding machines: 

Shredder MRZ Series

for shredding wood, plastics, textiles, cable, paper, cardboard, aluminium and other material.

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Baleopener MHB Series

for shredding round- and square bales from straw, miscanthus, reed, hay and other biomass.

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Baleopener MUZ Series

for shredding round bales from straw and other biomass in industrial design with optional stone separator.

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Briquetting presses:

briquetting presses MFP Series

The smallest and most affordable muetek briquette press is extremely compact and impresses with its technology. Capacity: approx. 5 - 30 kg / h. Briquette shape: square. Materials: wood, miscanthus, peat, leather dust, paper, etc.

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briquetting presses MPP Series

Sturdy briquetting press with very good price-performance-ratio. Performance: from appr. 30 kg/h up to 550 kg/h. Briquette shape: cylindrical. Materials: wood, miscanthus, peat, textiles, paper, plastics, straw, etc.

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briquetting presses RUF Series

wear reduced matrix briquetting press with a performance of appr. 100-1000 kg/h for continouus operation to produce square briquettes. Materials: wood, bark, silage, miscanthus, peat, plastics, straw, etc.

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briquetting presses MAP Series

Eccentric briquetting press in industrial design. Power: up to 1,200 kg / h. Briquette: cylindrical as a briquette or in tablet form. Materials: wood, peat, plastic, straw, sunflower husks, glumes, olive kernels, etc.

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briquetting presses MPP NEM Series

Sturdy briquetting press for non-ferrous metals with very good price-performance-ratio. Performance: from appr. 50 kg/h. Briquette shape: cylindrical. Materials: aluminium, copper, brass and other non-ferrous metals.

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Extraction and filter systems:

Dust Extractor MM-Jet

with a maximum volume flow of appr. 1,850 - 10,000 qbm/h, for indoor installation approved, with automatic compressed air filter dedusting.

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Stationary Filter Unit MS-Jet

with a maximum volume flow of appr. 10,000 - 60,000 qbm/h, for outdoor Installation. The filter systems are designed according to BGI 739-2.

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More products:

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  • Welding tongs and angle welders
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  • Automatic packing equipment
  • Palletizing systems and robots
  • Heating technology
  • Screw conveyors


mütek offers to you:

  • Consultancy in all aspects of disposal technology
  • Individual planning of your plant
  • Financing and leasing service
  • Sale and delivery
  • Assembly with our own staff
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Customer service
  • Technology and demonstration show room
  • Used machines



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