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Shredding and briquetting of paletts

Customer's inital problem:

A recycling specialist has a large amount of untreated waste wood, for which he has so far no reasonable recycling option. Over time, the idea was developed to produce high quality wood briquettes from this waste wood and to sell the briquettes to customers.


For the production of highly compacted wood briquettes made of wood shavings, a large waste management company and a workshop for handicapped people have come together and started a cooperation. The aim is to produce a high quality wood briquette which can be sold to customers. The starting material consists of untreated old wood, mainly wooden pallets. These are shredded with a wood shredder type MRZ 1530 to about 12 mm wood chips. The wood chips are transported via conveyor belts, which are equipped with an automatic metal separator because of the high metal content, into a storage silo from where 2 briquette presses of the type MUP 450 are supplied with wood chips.

The high-quality rectangular briquettes with the dimensions of 160 x 60 x 90 mm and a weight of approx. 850 grams per briquette are packed by handicapped people into briquette packages with a content of 12 briquettes and a weight of approx. 10 kg per parcel.

The finished briquette packages are packed on pallets and regionally sold by the recycling company in the following units:

- 1 package of 12 briquettes at a weight of 10kg (Price: approx. EUR 2.90)
- 1/2 pallet of 576 briquettes at a weight of 480 kg
- 1 pallet of 1,152 briquettes at a weight of 960 kg

The briquettes are perfect for the cold season to make yourself comfortable on the sofa in front of the blazing log fire. In addition, the wood briquettes are a recycling product, meaning that customers save valuable resources. It is an environmentally friendly, recycled product made from 100% wood without chemical binder. Due to the very high press forces of 250 bar, the wood briquettes have a high calorific value and can be stored to save space and burn evenly with low smoke and soot emissions.

Quote customer: 'I'm very excited about the product'. Every day, 3 tons of wood are processed, which adds up to 1,000 tons of output per year.


Every plant must be planned precisely so that the various construction options can be clarified in advance and the plant can be optimally adapted to the customer's requirements. In the case described here, columns in the hall made construction difficult. The detailed planning before delivery identified and solved this problem.

The advantages at a glance:
- Recycling product
- 100 % wood without chemical binder
- Made of untreated wood chips
- High calorific value
- Low ash content
- Low smoke and soot emissions
- Space savig storage
- Uniform burning

The entire plant consist of:
- A Shredding machine type MRZ 1530 for pallet and residual wood shredding
- Conveyor belts of the material into a storage silo
- Automatic metal separator for the removal of metal parts
- 3 cubic meters of storage silo to supply 2 briquetting machines type MUP 450
- 2 briquetting machines type MUP 450 for the production of high density briquettes




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