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Reference plants with shredding and briquetting machines

A trusting relationship with our customers is the focus of the muetek company philosophy. We look after you personally, advise you professionally and are available for you as a strong partner. Due to our broad range of services, we can refer to a variety of experiences and references in the most diverse business areas. We are very proud to accompany our customers with their projects. Here is an excerpt of our projects:

Shredding and briquetting of pallets

Shredding of waste wood and pallets for the production of high-density briquettes.

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Energy-efficient carpentry heats with production residues

Wood briquettes from leftovers as an energy source for carpentry and sawmill.

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Recycling on the high seas receives Blue Angel certificate

Shredding and briquetting of packaging materials for volume-reduced storage.

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Recycling of acoustic and heat protection mats

Shredding and briquetting of acoustic mats as a prerequisite for the recycling process

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Shredded straw for heating system

Chicken farmer Mr. Zeeb operates a straw heating system as an energy source for his chicken houses and building.

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Energy from grass silage and wood chips

In Baden-Baden, highly compacted briquettes made from grass silage and wood chips are produced.

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Mobile briquetting machine for miscanthus

Anton Sieverdingbeck produces miscanthus briquettes on his mobile briquetting machine muetek MPP 280

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Horse bedding and briquettes from miscanthus

Production of compacted and dusted horse bedding with best absorption behavior.

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Briquettes made of miscanthus as a substitute for wood

Miscanthus briquettes are ideal for thermal utilization in heating systems.

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Our customers are companies from different industries. In addition to our traditional clientele which are

-woodworking companies such as carpentries, sawmills, woodhandlers, kitchen builders, piano makers, wood manufactures, etc.), we are increasingly working with

-aluminum processing companies,

-agricultural enterprises,

-industrial companies with paper and / or cardboard waste,

-industrial companies with plastics or styrofoam waste,

-industrial companies with textile waste,


We also strive for meaningful synergy effects. Collaborations such as the project "Schwabenglut" with the company Louis Renner (= piano maker) and the Karl-Schubert Community.

An excerpt of our references can be found here:

'muetek Systemtechnik' is an expert in plant construction. muetek plans, designs and supplies environmentally friendly shredding and briquetting machines, extraction and filtration systems, packaging systems, lift-and-tilt devices as well as customer-specific special machines focusing on saving energy.

Already the planning decides on the profitability of a project. Therefore, muetek coordinates the system components with the necessary know-how and innovative machine technology. As a machine builder and interface manager, muetek ensures the functioning and economic operation of the entire plant and project.

muetek is the specialist for providing complete solutions for energy production from wood, miscanthus and straw as well as for volume reduction of aluminum, copper, cables, plastics, polystyrene, peat, carpet residues, textiles and other materials. The great strength lies in the flexibility of a family business combined with the experience since 1993 and several realized projects worldwide. Now and in future, this successful concept will make muetek a flexible, strong and innovative partner for its customers.



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